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The term “industrial effluent” is applied generally to refer to the wastewater from the production processes of various industries, such as: food (dairy, refrigerators, breweries, among others); chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, etc.

 The qualitative and quantitative composition of the industrial effluents is directly related to the productive process of the industry in question, which makes each industrial effluent unique.

And, precisely this particularity in the composition of each industrial effluent, is that it results in the complexity of designing treatment systems for them. For example, the effluents generated in the dairy industries are rich in oils and greases (O & G), so the treatment line should be designed to include unitary operations that aid in the removal of these compounds. In the case of metallurgical industries, special attention should be given to the presence of heavy metals. And in the effluents of the petrochemical industries, the presence of aromatic compounds derivatives is practically certain, demanding care in the choice of treatment processes.

 As can be seen, each industrial effluent presents particularities that directly influence the design of treatment systems, requiring great expertise and dedication of the design team. This is because, due to the specificity of each industrial effluent, the design of each solution must be customized.

H2O Engenharia is a company specialized in the area of ​​industrial effluent treatment systems, with more than 30 years of experience in this market.

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