H2O Engenharia has been hired by a petrochemical company, one of the most important company in this segment in Brazil, which  acts in  commercialization and manufacturing,  to develop a Conceptual and Basic Project for a Wastewater Treatment Plant to treat effluents in dissolved phase  generated in a soil remediation area.

Scope of services included preparation of technical and cost studies to select the best applicable technology to be used in these effluents which are very complexes and have low biodegradability due to the presence of aromatics compounds.

After theoretical studies H2O Engenharia has selected 3 different routes of Technologies to apply:

  • Activated carbon
  • Ozone
  • UV + Hydrogen peroxide

In parallel with these physical and chemical treatment, it has been also evaluated eco toxicity which is another legal requirement.

Selection of the process has been made through analysis results which were done in laboratory.

Based in the laboratory results H2O Engenharia has focused process in order to comply with:

  • Legal emission requirements;
  • Eco toxicity requirements.

All testing program has been done in partnership with chemical and biological laboratories and results were very promising regarding to the carbon filtration in order to remove contaminants in these effluents with results above the expectations.

System to be used for this treatment includes: screening, oil water gravity separators, filtration over zeolites (metals removal), filtration over activated carbon (special grade) and back washing system.

With this technological route, treated effluent meets all requirements, including emission, receiving body quality and eco toxicity standards both for daphnia and fish.