H2O Engenharia acts in a continuous and consistent way in a wastewater treatment plant in a chemical industry, subsidiary of a Swiss group specialized in perfumes, fragrances and flavors. All the companies in the group have very stringent requirements according to the group policy in sustainability.

Industrial unit located in countryside of São Paulo is a very particular one in the group because it is a multi-purpose unit encompassing most of the process that are used in the other units making this effluent unique and very complex.

Effluent treatment for this unit applies several unit operations and a multi-disciplinary knowledge which requires a continuous consultancy job that is already done by H2O Engenharia in the last 10 years and besides technical support in Basic and Conceptual Engineering it has been developed continuous improvements in the plant itself and with personnel through training

Coping with these continuous improvements, H2O Engenharia, together with company technical department, has prepared several specifications for new materials and equipments and has implementing new arrangements in order to accomplish with the production increase that has happened in this meantime. 

This partnership between both companies has shown excellent result both in the technical and economic aspects.

Besides that, H2O Engenharia has developed a monitoring plan that allows the operation to know what is continuously happening in the plant as well to mix different streams in such way that makes the treatment process more stable and efficient. In fact it is an excellent tool to manage the plant

H2O Engenharia continues this job nowadays improving the plant, training the personnel and assisting the client to achieve their targets which are higher than legal requirements.