A H2O Engenharia, with other partner companies, was contracted by Natura, one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty products in Brazil, to carry out a diagnosis and conceptual and basic design of the site’s effluent treatment plant (ETE) of Cajamar (SP), in the year 2013.

This TEE employs a very complete treatment process, from the preliminary phase of removal of solids, through a physical chemical system and a MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) system, from where the water follows for post-treatment and reuse.

The main objective of the service was to identify the main bottlenecks in the ETE, with a view to increasing the generation of industrial effluents resulting from the expansion of the production units of the site of Cajamar (SP).

The first stage of the work was to carry out a careful survey of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the effluents treated in the TEE and to analyze the operational results of the same.

Then, with the production projections of the site of Cajamar (SP), an estimate of the increase of the effluent generation can be made. Thus, the most critical situation was identified in the coming years and, through the data compiled at the beginning of the diagnosis and simulations of the different operational situations, it was possible to verify which operating units should be extended / modified to meet the most critical situation predicted.

With the diagnosis made,  H2O Engenharia, together with the partner companies of the diagnostic stage, was hired by Natura to prepare the basic and executive project of the modifications defined in the diagnosis stage described above.