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Most of the water and effluent treatment systems currently in place in Brazil require studies of process engineering and the correct selection of quality equipment and materials.

These are the basic conditions that assure customers that their plants operate at their best performance and maximum capacity. In the selection part of the process, there is, in most cases, a correct evaluation of the water or the effluent to be treated, either by the lack of historical data or by the short term for the implementation of the system.

In this way, the data or design criteria are not properly raised and defined, which leads the final customers to acquire solutions that are not indicated to their particular situation. In other cases, clients seek solutions in the market that represent situations similar to yours, abroad or even in Brazil, but that do not consider local specificities, such as production processes, legal requirements, training of labor or appropriate equipment. In some cases a retrofitting or retrofitting can be the definitive solution, with low cost and that meets the requirements of the client. In the manufacturing aspect of the equipment, the following situations occur:

in a highly volatile market, such as sanitation, suppliers propose punctual solutions, without taking into account the needs of the process or because they are unaware of the limitations of their equipment, whether mechanical or hydraulic . The Brazilian sanitation market requires integrated engineering solutions in order to provide treatment plants that operate in the best possible way and for this, there is a need for a joint work of process engineering company and manufacturers. Figures 1 and 2 below show cases of unsuccessful works and well-executed works in conjunction with equipment compatible with the work and of good mechanical quality.

 These examples serve to show that there is a very good engineering capacity in Brazil and that it can be used in sanitation works of any size.

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