H2O ENGENHARIA assesses the technical-economic viability of a re-design project through an analysis of the current plant and evaluates the technologies available for this adaptation to the new conditions.

These services include:

  •  verification and evaluation of the mechanical and operational conditions of pumps, blowers and etc., control / force systems, valves and instrumentation;
  • a precise cost estimate;
  • the preparation of engineering documents showing the existing and planned system, demolitions, equipment to be procured, construction, training and commissioning;
  • the adequacy of each unit operation to the characteristics of water, effluent or solid waste;
  • the hydraulic capacity and the efficiency of the treatment and of each unit;
  • identification of risk options / quantification;verification and adequacy of the civil structures of the tanks;compliance with operational safety conditions;
  • assessment of solid waste disposal conditions;conditions of water abstraction and effluent disposal.