One of the services offered by H2O Engenharia is conducting self-purification studies of streams and rivers. These studies provide valuable information for companies about the impact of their effluent discharge on receiving bodies. This is a study of extreme importance in the treatment of effluents.

In these cases, conducting a self-purification study will report the current impact of a treated effluent on a receiving body. This type of information is extremely useful for the client and the environmental agency, since it allows to verify the efficiency of the ETE in question and possible needs for improvements / expansion of treatment units and / or operational improvements. H2O Engineering usually focuses its self-purification studies), through the application of established mathematical models, such as that of Streeter-Phelps. However, in order to promote innovations to its customers, H2O Engenharia uses computational modeling techniques to apply these models. “case by case”. In addition, due to the various scientific advances of recent years, more sophisticated parameters, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and coliforms, can also be modeled.