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Unlike sludge from wastewater treatment plants (ETEs), sludge from ETAs has larger applications on a daily basis.

This is due to its composition, since the sludge of an ETA hardly presents toxic substances (heavy metals) that harm the environment. Due to urban growth in the world’s major metropolises, demand for water has increased considerably in recent years.

Thus, it is necessary to increase water production in the ETAs, increasing the production of sludge. As a result, several specialists in the area began to find economically viable and environmentally advantageous solutions for the final destination of ETA sludge. Among the various possibilities of use, the following stand out: brick fabrication; cement manufacturing; composting; and disposition in the soil.

It is important to carry out a market research, identifying potential customers; acceptance of the product by manufacturers and the final consumer; and its viability of commercialization.

It is important to mention that environmental legislation should be analyzed for each type of final disposal desired and that the characterization of sludge is of fundamental importance in determining its purpose.

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